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A script that runs on the Ethereum
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Defi Development

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We are peerless in quality and service delivery.

Looking for a well-known developer of blockchain applications and the best blockchain consulting firm? R. G. Info Solutions welcomes you. Our consulting firm is India based but we also have sales representatives working abroad in addition to this.

Blockchain apps and websites made by R.G. Info Solutions are renowned for their innovation. In addition to many other bespoke services, we provide blockchain software development, smart contract development, exchange development, NFT development, and blockchain development. Our products are designed to help your business expand with the help of our highly qualified workforce. Without sacrificing the services’ quality or timeliness, we believe in providing them.

Our Core Qualities

The services we provide elevate us to the status of one of the most
reputable blockchain development companies.

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DeFi Development​

It is no longer necessary for middlemen to oversee financial services thanks to decentralised finances. For decentralised financial operations inside external organisations, there is a development called DeFi. This is the major area on which we are developing. DeFi is a new financial system that is built on safe distributed ledgers, much like how cryptocurrencies work. The system eliminates the authority that financial institutions, including banks, have over money, financial goods, and financial services. The term “blockchain” refers to how the blocks are “chained” together with the data in each succeeding block. So there’s no way to edit a blockchain since changes to information in earlier blocks always have an impact on later blocks. This idea, coupled with other security measures, gives a blockchain its security.

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NFT Marketplace Development

A NFT marketplace is a platform created specifically for the issuance and trading of Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs). The creation of an NFT marketplace that is completely independent of all other platforms is urgently needed as these types of tokens cannot be sold on ordinary cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptographic assets called non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are distinguished from one another by having special identifying numbers and metadata. They are not negotiable or equivalible for other goods. Unlike fungible tokens, such as bitcoins, which are interchangeable and may therefore be used as a medium for business transactions, this is different. One non-fungible token cannot be equal to another thanks to NFTs, which change the crypto concept by rendering each token distinctive and irreplaceable.

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Dapps Development

For dApps that rely on transactions, solidity development is crucial, and we will make sure how both our startup and enterprise clients have access to the most secure contracts possible. A blockchain or peer-to-peer (P2P) network of computers rather than a single computer is where decentralised apps (dApps) are created and run. DApps, or “dapps,” are decentralised applications that operate independently of any one authority. Consequently, frequently based on the Ethereum platform—can be constructed for a range of uses including gaming, banking, and social media dApps operate on a blockchain network in an open-source, decentralised setting that is free from oversight and intervention from any one entity.

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Smart Contract Development

Employing blockchain technology for enterprises requires smart contracts as a key component. To create effective smart contracts, our Solidity developers plan out the specifics and write the code. Without the requirement for a central authority, judicial system, or external enforcement mechanism, smart contracts enable trustworthy transactions and agreements to be made between dispersed, anonymous individuals. A distributed, decentralised blockchain network houses the code and the commitments contained therein. Blockchain technology has advanced well beyond supporting the virtual currency, despite the fact that it is now primarily thought of as the basis for bitcoin.

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Custom Blockchain Development

Our ability to satisfy clients is a result of our competence in blockchain development. The broad range of bespoke solutions for a variety of industries is what is fueling our company’s expansion. We are continually working to create a decentralised, powered world. Custom blockchain initiatives demand specialised knowledge and methods. We implement Agile methodologies along with properly thought-out blockchain development procedures to complete your project precisely the way your business seeks. We will induce, design, plan, and produce a unique blockchain solution as a team of internal managers, analysts, designers, developers, product testing specialists, and other experts.

Exchange App Development

One of the key zones benefited by our service is The Exchange Development. We make sure that the varied needs being served by the numerous apps running across the various chains available in the digital trends are satisfied by our services. The platform known as a cryptocurrency exchange allows users to store or trade their digital assets. People are looking for venues to invest on cryptocurrency exchanges as the market cap of cryptocurrencies is rising explosively. By creating top-notch cryptocurrency exchange applications with the most cutting-edge features on the market, we also offer solutions in exchange app development.

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Token & Altcoin Development

Through the integration of cutting-edge technologies and bank-grade security, we assist you in developing your own Altcoin similar to Bitcoin with the support of our committed blockchain developers, allowing your users to conduct profitable trades. Alternative coins, or altcoins, are majority of the time, projects built from scratch or as a fork of another project. These projects are essentially enhanced versions of earlier ones. Compared to tokens, which are based on an existing blockchain rather than having their own. Any type of asset, from products to a fresh coin, can be represented by a token. Our consultation services can support you in making educated selections if you are unsure of the kind of cryptocurrency you wish to introduce.

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Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) are certified by Launchpad Development through a separate extensive research procedure. The best place to get Launchpad Development services is at R. G. Info Solutions, where we can offer streamlined and reliable Launchpad development solutions tailored to your needs. Through our innovative services in blockchain company development, we provide a strong launcher that aids in listing your blockchain project and improving its marketability. Get in touch with us if you’re interested!

The Procedure We Use

Collecting requirements

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The first and most crucial step in the process of developing a blockchain app is requirement gathering. To assist you in defining and prioritizing your transformation, we'll analyze your objectives as well as the applicability and commercial impact of blockchain.

UI/UX Design

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With the use of cutting-edge design technologies, we produce designs that easily catch the attention of the audience. To maximise your revolution across your business, a comprehensive solution design takes into account people, process, operating model, and technology.


The sample model of your app is ready after design, and it is then sent for development. Workshops and training in technology leadership help your team become more skilled while they collaborate with subject-matter experts in environments that support rapid blockchain development.

Dapps Development

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Complete transparency is maintained while the development gets underway on the preferred platforms. Each solution must integrate with existing systems in order to satisfy future demand, which is ensured by intricate strategy implementation, third-party integration, and bespoke coding.

Quality Standards

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Since we don't cut corners, we guarantee that the app you receive is completely bug-free. There is no chance that the app our customers receive from us will have any issues or difficulties because it has been thoroughly tested. Future improvements are likewise carefully vetted before being put into effect.



The following phase is to deliver the solution to its users once the quality requirements and expectations appear to be in sync. At this point in the development process, your app is prepared to be published on the Play Store or the App Store.

Assistance & Management

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After deployment, we offer assistance and respond to all questions. Therefore, consumers need not fear once their product is in the public spotlight because we will offer complete support and resolve all of your questions.

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R. G. Info solutions Partnership Models

A prominent blockchain development company in India, R. G. Info Solutions provides specialised blockchain app development services for a wide range of enterprises and industries. Get more relevant data about our cooperation models,

Fixed Price Model

This model defines the project plans and specifications, cost, and timetable before any development is done. Longer engagement times are best served by this paradigm. The knowledge that the project will stay within the predetermined budget gives the client peace of mind every time. Customers who have a clear understanding of their needs will benefit the most from this model.

Hire Dedicated Model

Customers are paying for the duration of time the Smart contract developer spends working on a project in this very traditional and straightforward kind of engagement. Due to the lack of need for explicit specifications, clients can easily begin the project. Additionally, clients can upgrade new features at any time using this model, and they are fully aware of the costs involved. In turn, communication and trust are greatly increased.

On Site Development Model

This approach is preferred by clients who require extra temporary personnel for on-site development. With this sort of contract, the engagement is guaranteed to be economical and involve direct contact with developers. With this strategy, there is constant contact throughout the entire process, which aids in meeting the deadline on time.

We worked with many companies, whether they were start-ups or enterprises, as a top smart contract creation company in India, and we provided the best solution available. R. G. Info Solutions provides a wide variety of defi technology solutions depending on the customer needs.

Technology Column

Network marketing, the blockchain industry, and other tech news are covered by the R. G. Info Solutions blog.

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Our use of technology

As computer programming technologies change at an exponential rate, we make efforts to be informed and updated with the latest. R. G. Info Solutions is aware of the needs of our customers and why they exist. In order to get anything done, we use cutting-edge technologies to power your online systems.

We specialise on mobile. Apart from developing apps, we also construct brands. The finest choice you can make is to work with us.