Crypto Wallet Development

The ability to earn, track, and exchange virtual currencies may be provided via a cryptocurrency wallet, a feature of computer software. Cryptocurrencies can only be documented as transactions on the blockchain technology, unlike traditional banks or mobile wallets that store physical money. If a cryptocurrency is moved to a wallet, it signifies that the address of a zealous wallet has been approved as the owner. The creation of a cryptocurrency wallet might be necessary for successful cryptocurrency trading.

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Services

To help companies establish their crypto wallets more easily, we provide extensive crypto wallet development services. We use our extensive knowledge of the wallet market and our in-depth experience to create a fantastic white label digital wallet for your company. Additionally, we are experts in creating unique wallets from scratch. We have positioned ourselves as the top crypto wallet development firm thanks to the depth of our experience and design-driven solutions.

Development Services

Types Of Crypto Wallets - Our Development Support

DeFi Wallet Development

Complete freedom, openness, and accessibility are all provided by DeFi wallets since they do not place the custody of funds in the hands of outside parties. Businesses may easily carry out a variety of tasks, including lending, trading, buying and selling tokens, and token exchange.


Desktop Wallet

Access accounts from PC with the use of these wallets. Our desktop cryptocurrency wallets are pre-installed software packages suitable for desktop and laptop computers running standard versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac. Users can keep their private keys on their computers by using desktop wallets.


Hardware Wallet

Keep cryptocurrency on hardware that is plugged onto your computer via a USB port. They’re more user-friendly and secure than the web wallet. They manage forks better than others. In the long term, it is a better and far safer option. Greater security provided.


Centralized Wallet Development

Our staff will strive to provide the highest level of security by protecting user private keys in order to guarantee a tranquil trading environment. Utilizing a whitelist of wallet addresses will allow legitimate transactions to be performed on the platform. Hence developing best suited solutions.


Coin-specific Wallet Development

The implementation of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other single cryptocurrencies wallets is something we provide customers as part of our coin-specific wallet development services, which enhances the whole experience. So, we ensure that organizational operations are carried out without difficulty. Therefore providing best solutions.


Multi-currency Wallet Development

Crypto wallets are necessary for everyday transactions. Our secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet supports both bitcoin and well-known altcoins. We are aware, our wallet can be modified to grow and improve trade chances. The best and most crucial feature for securing one’s crypto assets is backing up a multi-cryptocurrency wallet.

Mobile Wallet Development

It combines desktop and internet wallets. Here, customers can utilize the mobile crypto wallet app to access their cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world. A mobile wallet is a highly capable cryptocurrency wallet that can be accessed easily on any mobile device. It is entirely web-based.


Web Wallet Development

Web wallets enable simple access to cryptocurrencies from any browser or mobile device, among other places. They run in the cloud. Since private keys are kept online, they are incredibly convenient to use. However, because a third party indirectly controls them, they occasionally become susceptible to hacker assaults.


TRON Wallet Development

The TRON wallet is an essential component of the TRON public chain and acts as a gateway to the TRON ecosystem. TRON has never stopped enhancing its features and performance. The most fundamental functions, including voting, money transfer, and permission management, are available in TRON wallets.

New Wallet Development for Enterprises

For a cryptocurrency wallet to function flawlessly and offer users a flawless user interface, premium features must be integrated. For you to protect your cryptocurrencies and keep track of them around-the-clock, we provide a Whitelabel cryptocurrency wallet with the newest features, unmatched security, and an aesthetically pleasing layout. For your business needs, get a top-notch mobile or web wallet. We use our knowledge and experience to provide white label, multi-currency wallet solutions that are performance-optimized and consistent with your objectives and brand.

Features Of White Label Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet

OTC trading facility

In a decentralized market known as an over-the-counter (OTC) market, participants can trade stocks, commodities, currencies, or other financial instruments directly between two parties without the use of a central exchange or broker.

Home screen customization

We provide our customers with the practical option to navigate through the cryptocurrency options that are presented and add their chosen options to their own home screens when they use our home screen customization services.

Automatic conversion rates

Users have access to their account balance at all times and can change their funds into popular fiat currencies. With the automated conversion tool, you may instantly convert your bitcoin into any of the supported local currencies.

Multi-layer security

Online banking needs the blockchain technology to protect their data because it is most vulnerable to hackers. We create a very safe infrastructure that can store numerous crypto assets at once and send and receive messages. 

Easy portfolio management

Users can keep complete control of the transaction and can keep save the history of your any transaction and are able to accept instantly. This facility comes in handy whenever you need it.

User-friendly interface

No matter if you are experienced or just a beginner in the cryptocurrency universe. The platforms that we develop will be user friendly and extremely handy for anyone accessing the information over it.

KYC verification

Through geographic-based KYC verification, we produce a genuine and authenticated user. It guarantees that the user’s funds are kept in the wallet in a very secure manner. All the verification is done automatically.

Auto denial of duplicate payments

The wallet automatically detects duplicate payments, and they are instantly rejected to reduce the risk of chargebacks. This enhances the security that is provided by the services that we offer to our clients.

Enhanced privacy

Through the usage of our non-custodial white label wallet, users’ private keys are transformed into secret 12-word mnemonic phrases to share in more privacy. In light of this, you may completely rely on our services.

Sell crypto

Users can effortlessly sell their cryptocurrency from their wallets and quickly have the funds credited to their credit cards. Consequently, it will be a lot simpler than it was in the past to sell your cryptocurrency.

Buy crypto with a credit card

With the inclusion of a private chat feature, we make sure that wallet users may quickly exchange their cryptocurrency assets without using an exchange site. You can quickly find answers to your questions with the assistance of this functionality.

In-chat transactions

Users are able to purchase any cryptocurrency of their choice with a credit card in safe transactions. Because of this, the platform is equally compatible with many systems, which makes it convenient for users.